Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Fourth!

We decided to go up to Midway last minute to camp and spend the night at the old Burgi Homestead. Dan's family owns a nice piece of land that is perfect for the kids to run around and play on, camp and have picnics at. Anything Burgi, Lacy etc up there are pretty much Dan's relatives. Here is the original log cabin that his great grandfather was born in!
The boys camped, Lauren and I slept inside the house (what, you thought I slept in a tent with a 5 month old?)

We had lots of fireworks on Thursday night! Greg hated the really loud ones and started to cry.
My mother in law, Sally, Marie, Sheree, Adam, Sarah, Lasik Lani, Dan and Jaylene in the front! 7 of the 12 kids! Dan is the eldest and Jaylene is the youngest. Angela was there also as well as Nate, Lacy.
We had a small flag ceremony the morning of the 4th after a pancake breakfast. Graham has been talking about wars and guns ever since. Great.

Lauren was all smiles watching her brothers and cousins play in the creek at Aunt Shelly's house.
The "creek." Ok, canal, but creek sounds so much more refined.
Graham running to float back down the creek again. So fun!

Greg and Papa having fun together.

The lake at the State Park.

We went fishing at the State Park. Graham caught his first fish!! (He let it go)
Greg feeding the fish.

We had a wonderful time! We were able to see Uncle Brian's amazing photography at a local art show as well this weekend. Our boys are TIRED and we are thankful we got to make so many more fun memories with Dan's family!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

It looks like so much fun!!! Glad yall had a good time, Susie H~

Denise said...

Lauren looked a little doll. You have a beautiful family. Happy 4th

love Denise

Kitty said...

Oh my goodness, it looks like you had the best time ever. How cool is that cabin?


Wow, gorgeous pictures! Lauren is so adorable with her cute dress and head band. I don't blame you. Why camp if you don't HAVE to.

Keysha said...

Fun-filled Fourth! Looks like your boys had a riot being 'boys' and Lauren looked nothing but adorable in her festive outfit!

Dan has how many siblings??? Wow! I am impressed.

Ah Midway (sigh). What a beautiful place. I'm sure you had a wonderful weekend being surrounded by such beauty.

kelvis said...

I'm glad you posted a link to Brian Murphy's photography. I've been wanting a photograph of Timp for a long time, but the only ones I've ever seen have been views from the canyon side. I want a view of the valley side of Timp, and it looks like one of his photos is valley side.

Kaza said...

Congrats on the comment of the week, SITSta (and I agree on the impossibility of giving up our coffee drinks, even in such difficult economic times!)!

Pretty blog, and gorgeous family!

McB's said...

Your little girl is the CUTEST!!!

ilovepink said...

I hope ya'll had a great fourth!!!

Kim Hancock said...

Beautiful family! Love your burp cloths. Before both of my children were in school I sewed, painted, or made practically anything to keep myself in spending money. Now I just make them for gifts. I just went to a shower for a young couple and she has never really had any experience with small children. Among the gifts we gave were burp cloths. She said "thank you...those will look so nice on the baby." My daughter who is 11 was with me and just laughed because she knew what they were. We have gotten the best laugh out of that...and we did tell her later what they were for.

NatRat said...

We went fishing there last year...we didn't catch a thing! Good job Graham! Looks like a fun weekend.