Saturday, June 7, 2008

Preschool Graduation!

We went through his closet and this is what he picked. He refused to tuck his shirt in "because I have to stand up and sit down a lot mom and it'll bother me." Fair enough. I was secretly thrilled he let me roll up his sleeves though!
Cute brothers
The Graduate!
He walked over to us about 4 times during the program because that dumb hat would not stay pinned to his head. We just cut his hair so there was nothing for the pins to hang on to!
Lauren waiting for her big brother.
My favorite picture of the night. Sweet little L got too shy to get her picture with Graham so this is what I caught. Isn't she precious? The tragic news? She is going to a different elementary school!! SO sad!!

Graham did SO great! He gets so shy but this year (this is our 3rd preschool graduation for him you know, he started when he was 2!) he wore the hat, stood up with the other kids when it was time and STILL did not do a single note of any song or hand gesture. But standing up in front of a large room of strangers was a great feat in itself. We went out for ice cream afterwards with Grandma and Grandpa to celebrate that we now have a Kindergarten-er in the house!!! Excuse me while I cry!! Hard to believe my baby is that old!


Kitty said...

Congratulations Graham. You looked super cool in your outfit. I think you're going to love kindergarden.

kelvis said...

Congrats to my handsome nephew. His uncle doesn't like to tuck his shirt in either. We solve that problem by buying shirts that have a straight hem, rather than shirt tails.

kjtroxel said...

Hooray! He'll love kindergarten!


Wow, he is so handsome! Yah for kindergarten!

Keysha said...

What a handsome boy.....I love the pic with he and his little gal. (Priceless). I want to save this blog so I can make those suckers someday---they are so cute. (Of course everything you make is beyond perfect. Beautiful presentation!)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Now that is some cute kido's.... I cant believe that my son will be graduating high school this coming school year. Yikes ! Where did that time go? Hang on to every second cause it just fly's.... Smiles, Susie H

KatBouska said...

Yay for Graham! I think the brothers picture is really cute too. I love sibling shots.

and ps those lollipops down there look delicious...are you the mom of the year or what??