Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Art Class Week #2

Don't worry. There are only four weeks of this class so this will not be a permanent posting topic on my children's talents. (I heard you say, "Thank goodness!" Admit it.)

But seriously...my boys are brilliant and I fully expect scholarships to be pouring in. Or they *would* be pouring in if more than 10 people read my blog and those people had connections to any sort of art school. But really...Graham is going to be a Lawyer and Gregory is going to be an Architect, so I'm only superficially pushing the art thing right now as a fun outlet. I do not want long haired grungy loft "covered in art supplies" living sons.

Graham followed directions WORD FOR WORD. No deviation. The boys were given the primary colors and were to create new colors. I was more impressed that without prompting or discussion of any kind that he thought to title his artwork.

Train Ride on a Rainy Day

Dead Field of Corn
(this title is a bit disturbing, yet I feel appropriate for the moodiness of the piece)

Now onto Greg. He embraced the color creations he made. And again yelled out "Ta-DAAA!" at the completion of his paintings.

He was so thoughtful in painting this one. I mean, very serious do not disturb thoughtful. But come on, he made the colors teal, aubergine AND eggplant!

I am thinking that Gregory might have inherited my extra color gene. Dan says my eyes hold some sort of extra spectrum that allow me to pick up on colors that most people do not see. I believe him, however hard to explain.


Trina said...

I'm telling Ryan you said that. Even if it is true.

Kristen said...

He does animation for films - that doesn't count. lol

Kari said...

You need to find a wall in your house to display all these works of art. Your boys have got some serious talent!!