Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Picture Proof

Dan and I before dinner. The boys chose Red Robin...this is what moms do. They let their kids choose where to go for their birthday dinner. Tip of the day: Bring a small pot of Play-Doh to break out at the table after you order. It kept the boys busy enough while we waited for our food that Dan and I actually had a mini conversation at the table. I learned of this trick though my sister-in-law, Kelly. She is brilliant!!

Graham, Lauren and Gregory with mommy. Graham had soccer practice at 6 p.m. so he wore his shirt to dinner. Lauren and I hung out in the car with my friend Camille who was there while the boys practiced and played on the playground. was cold!!

This is my all time most favorite EVER picture of me and Graham. I really mean it. I love Graham. Sometimes I get a vibe from him that he just tolerates me. There is no love - I am just the crazy lady who bosses him around and makes him wear a coat. But he wanted to help me blow out my candle and Dan captured LOVE on the camera. I now have proof. How could the look on his face be anything else? What a sweet boy.

So this is the visual proof that we celebrated, that I am a mom and these are my kids. I find that I am us
ually the one to take the pictures so I am never IN any of them!!


Parker said...

I love these photos, they are absolutely precious. I'm so happy that you were able to celebrate your big day. It looks like you had a grand time.
Yeah Birthdays.

Katie said...

Glad you had a great B-day.

That pic of you and Graham is priceless. Love it!

kjtroxel said...

Not only do you take one pretty picture! I love the look on Graham's face...definitly LOVE!
Happy day indeed!

Allison said...

I totally relate to the never being in a picture comment. I am NEVER in any pictures or on any film that we take. Go figure.

NatRat said...

Looks like a fun day...I feel the same way about the picture thing, except you do have pictures of your birthday...since I have been married, I think I have 2 pictures of me on my birthday, we have been married almost 9 years. I guess that makes me only 24, since I have no pictures to prove it...

Chad & Keysha Peck said...

Love the play-dough idea. I am going to snatch that one right up! Although, it will probably create some high-pitched screams from Myka because she will want some too....(maybe I had just better wait a while on that one.)

That pie looks delicious!

Kimberly said...

great pics! Glad you had a great day