Friday, April 4, 2008

My Brave Girl

This is little Lauren tonight as Dan and I did a "shift change" at the hospital. Her breathing was so labored on Wednesday night that I made yet another appointment to see Dr. W. He sent me over right away to the hospital with her to get chest x-rays, run blood tests, etc. etc. After being super careful about taking her out...Lauren has RSV. Who knows if we got it while out or if one of the boys brought it in...but she got it and it has been a very long and rough past 48 hours. She was terribly dehydrated so they had to put an IV in her HEAD. Oh my gosh when I saw that I burst into tears...I was really expecting it to be in her hand, not her sweet little, tiny head!

We had a sad night too when there were 3 nurses and a respiratory therapist working on her to get her breathing back to normal. She was sucking air so hard that her chest would practically cave completely in. Scared me to death. I am so grateful that Dan and my dad were able to give her a blessing and have faith that she would be alright. But it is so difficult watching your baby in pain.

Dan is spending the night with her tonight so I can get some sleep (I've had about 2 hours worth in the past 48 so I'm a little wiped out) and I'll go back to see her tomorrow. Bringing her something pink - those hospital blankets are so rough and scratchy and not "girl." Good news is we think she has turned a corner and with the oxygen, IV and the suctioning they have done she is getting progressively better. Dr. W says we might get to bring her home as early as Sunday so that is some happy news.

Good night!


Heidi said...

Holy cow! Poor sweet Lauren! I am so sorry that she ended up with this as I know you were so so careful! What a nightmare for you. I really hope that she improves 100% soon!

Trina said...

Oh, Kree! I am so sorry. Those big eyes of hers are beautiful! I had Andrew in the hospital with RSV at 6 weeks. That's where she needs to be. She'll come out of it just fine. I'll be praying for her fast recovery. Beautiful baby. Trina

Lauren said...

Poor little girl! I am praying for her.

kjtroxel said...

The pic made me cry too. I love you and your kids so much I can't stand to see any hurt.
I love her eyes in the pic. So much trust in her little spirit.
Thanks for the update. We're praying for her speedy recovery!

Aisha said...

Praying for sweet baby Lauren! I can't imagine how scared you guys must be right now!

Katie said...

Poor miss Lauren. I will keep her and your family in our prayers.

RSV is scary. I worry about it too. : (

Olson's said...

Oh no! It's so sad to have your sweet baby in the hospital, and after you had been so careful. It sounds like she's getting the best care possible - please know that we are thinking of you and hoping for the best.

Let me know if I can help you in anyway--

Chad & Keysha Peck said...

Oh my Kristen! What a terrible experience to have to go through! I am glad to hear she is doing better--and good job to you for taking her in. Sometimes when it's your 3rd (not that i would know) but we think "it's just a cold." Way to have some motherly intuition.

Her eyes look so big and alert in that photo! Even all hooked up to the machines she looks like such a little beauty!

Parker said...

Please let me know if I can help. Poor little Lauren. You guys are in my prayers and thoughts. I love you.

Parker said...

Please let me know if I can help. Poor little Lauren. You guys are in my prayers and thoughts. I love you.