Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coming Home - Take TWO!

She's home!!
She did so great Friday night when Dan was with her at the hospital! She is a daddy's girl already and just needed to be with him I guess! They took her off oxygen Saturday morning and by yesterday afternoon Dr. W said she was able to come home. I was so surprised at her quick turnaround, but I know it was because of the many prayers given on Lauren's behalf. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We were really expecting a tougher recovery and a few days longer in the hospital from what we had initially been told.
I was able to take Greg to watch Graham play his first soccer game this season Saturday morning. Brrrrr....were we cold! It was great to get my mind off the hospital and concentrate on the boys. Let's just say Graham is not the new Beckham, but that kid runs with the biggest grin that you have ever seen. He got a few kicks in and was thrilled with himself over it. He is so joyful out there, I think he's just pleased to be having fun with the other kids and part of the team. In the meantime we'll keep practicing!
On a side note: Moms, take a listen to yourself at sporting events. If you notice that you are the ONLY one screaming your child's name over and over - coaching and criticizing her from the sidelines over a FIVE YEAR OLD SOCCER GAME WHERE THEY DON'T KEEP SCORE, then silence yourself. You are sucking the fun out of it for others around you and your child. Trust me.
Afterwards I took the boys to see "Horton" at the movies. Another distraction for me and fun for the boys. They were as good as gold and I didn't mind the movie either. Except that kangaroo. Does anyone else cringe when cartoons use a word like "stupid" when you are trying SO hard not to teach those words to your kids at home? So I tell them that's not a nice word and yet the kangaroo says it loud and clear. Oh well, at least even little Greg got that "the kangaroo was not very nice at ALL mom!"
It was a beautiful thing to hold my daughter at home last night, rocking her to sleep without cords, wires and tubes. I dressed her to come home from the hospital in her special outfit Grandma bought her to come home in after she was born. Hoping this time it sticks and there are no more visits back anytime soon!


Chad & Keysha Peck said...

Hooray that everything is going well....I am so relieved to hear Lauren is home. (What a difficult time that must've been).

As for the word "Stupid" I can totally relate. Carsen gets mad at anyone he hears say it, because we have told him it is not a nice word....but I find that we are hearing it more and more on "little kid shows." Oh well, at least they recognize it's not a good word (for now).

Kelly said...

We're so glad she's home!!! What a sweetie.

I'm with you on the words (although "stupid" is better than "butt"). One reason we like the Little Einsteins is because there is no bad character to say or do bad things. Just four good kids working together to solve problems.

Allison said...

I am so glad that she is doing so well. How scary! I love that pic with her and her dad. I LOVE the bond between father and daughter.

I also agree with you on the word "stupid". I really dislike that word (I was going to say h-a-t-e but we don't use that word either).

Kimberly said...

ohh Im so glad she is better!!

NatRat said...

Kristen...I didn't even know she was in the hospital and having such a hard time. I am sorry...what kind of friend am I??? I am glad she is finally home and hopefully will get better soon. This weekend is suppose to be nice, get the warm weather here. Please let me know if I can do anything for you.

Hopefully we will see you tonight...finally read the WHOLE book, good pick!

Marla said...

Your soccer mom's comment almost made me pee myself - I am so with you! Well said, girl!!

So glad your little one is doing better - I am sure that was beyond awful.