Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For Natalie...

Just so Natalie will know she is not alone, I took this picture just for her. I woke up to this on Saturday. And giggles from the loft. I couldn't get mad...they made a game of picking them up and throwing them down again for the next 30 minutes while I got showered and dressed so it was a win-win.

And this is what I got ready for, my hot date with the boys to Cabela's to hit the shooting gallery. Can I just emphasize how much I dislike this store? They serve Elk in the cafeteria. (Ewww) There is camo everywhere. Camo clothing, camo guns, fishing poles. I even spotted a camo valance set in the Home Decor section. YES - they have a home decor section for those wanting to bring the outdoor hunting experience indoors.
Being in this store for more than 10 minutes proves to my two boys that yes, mommy really does love you.
After walking around ooohing and aaaahing at so many dead animals in a room that would what I assume to be taxidermists heaven on earth, we were able to leave and make it to the in-laws for a pizza party.

As for today's adventures? I get to take Lauren to the doctor as it seems that she has come down with a cold. Not sure if it's from being passed around 800 times this weekend or it's just something that got brought in from who knows where. Either way it makes me mad that my 7 week old has got a nasty cold, yuck cough and won't eat. If anyone asks to hold my daughter this week it's a big ole'


Kari said...

How fun and creative your little guys are. Why is it kids have more fun playing games like 'drop the diaper' then they do with the expensive toys we buy?

It's nice to know there's a place to go to find elk antler lamps. No home is complete without one!! Glad you had fun at Cabela's!!

Kris said...

I agree Kari - I think an elk antler lamp would perfectly compliment my french country decor. lol

keysha said...

Anything that entertains kids for 30 minutes is worth it. (Regardless of the mess... We can deal with that after we are showered and cleaned up.)

Sorry little Lauren was sick.....It's frustrating when little babies are sick. (Not a whole lot you can do but listen to them cough and try to breath through their stuffy little noses). Vicks Baby Rub....(Although, lauren might be too young. Find out, because I think it works really well).

Olson's said...

Oh my goodness - I have purposely avoided that Cabela's place, and your post reaffirmed why. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to send T.J. by himself, or even with the girls, but I would much rather do something more..........exciting!

And thanks for the blogging advice - I'm taking it to heart and have decided not to be hard on myself. And even if there is not a new post I am happy to have you visit my page as many times a day as you wish! Happy reading!

Kelly said...

Hope Baby Girl feels better soon!

Allison said...

So sorry that your sweet girl is sick! There are few things worse than a sick baby. But I must say, I love Cabela's!

NatRat said...

I love it! Funny thing is, I have seen that many times on my stairs, so thanks for posting it. I am sorry about Lauren...that is such a bummer especially when she is so little. Hopefully the RSV stuff doesn't sneak up. Stinkin cold...get out of here, I want SPRING!

And I have never done the Cabela's thing...maybe I shouldn't.