Saturday, March 22, 2008

So Long, Farewell!

Goodbye beautiful blue "ippy cup!" We are done with you!
I know you were sad when you heard Dan ask the boys "Pick a day of the week." Graham replied "Wednesday." So on Wednesday, we packed you and all your other "ippy cups" friends away.
Drinks to Graham and Greg still do not taste the same and they do ask for you at bedtime. They miss you, but you simply aren't needed anymore. So while two sweet boys carry fond memories of you, their mom and dad are happy to not search the house for a certain color, under beds, inside toys, or worse - left on mommy's new quilt.
Don't let the lid hit you on the way out!
*Ok, seriously, Greg was so attached to this blue cup that he started refusing to drink from anything else. No way kiddo - I'm not even starting that, the Lightening McQueen shirt (only worn on "stay home days" and the doggie blanket at bedtime was routine and comfort enough. I'm not adding a blue cup to the list!


Kitty said...

HELLO Big Boys.
I am so proud of you.


WOW! You are amazing! We need to get rid of the blue bottle. Yes, it is blue and she is a girl. She will only drink water from it, which is the reason I have not pushed getting rid of it. At least she is getting her "daily water". I know I have to do it, but she will not sleep without it. I just don't know how to do it. So, good for you!