Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am addicted to carbs. And cake, I like cake a lot too. This is all I have to say about that. Lifestyle changes are difficult when you have to say good-bye to good friends like french bread and cake. Sigh. My replacement is Crystal Light Lemonade for when I am wanting bad things to eat. It's not the same but it will do.

I'll post "Before" pictures another time. Not "Before" as in now, more like "Before" as in how I looked "Before" 3 babies.

Is 4 weeks after giving birth too soon to be obsessing over this? Yeah - I think so too.


Kitty said...

That cyrstal light lemonaide is pretty good. I also really like the lime popsicles when I'm desperate. I think it's all about being healthy. Oh, South Beach helped me when I lost weight a few years ago. NO CARBS or SUGAR. It's hard.
love you,
I know you look amazing just like you always do.

Allison said...

I think you should post your pictures of you now, not before babies! Before babies we all looked better! I am also addicted it carbs. However, I don't think that the atkins thing is the way to go. When I am serious I start with the South Beach diet and do that for the phase 1 (two weeks of hell!) then I just eat healthy, no white bread, no white pasta, no white rice, no white potatoes. You know the drill. Diets really don't work. It's all about being healthy. You should start running with us, but yes, 4 weeks is WAY to early to worry. Just enjoy the babes for now.

NatRat said...

Yes quit obsessing over it...give yourself another month or so. I know what you mean, carbs are the greatest thing, and they are so bad for you. Good luck! I have no advice because I challenge with carbs too.