Saturday, March 8, 2008

Have Ideas, Need TIME!!

I am motivated. I have been thinking a lot about my house and the many things I want to change about it. Most of those you would roll your eyes at and just say "It's easier to move Kristen." I agree. So I started looking at houses for sale. I still don't see anything I like, and what is the point of moving if I'm not moving into something better that marks all the checks off my "would love to have list?" No point at all, just a lot of hassle and stress.

So I am starting with the small things to ease my way into the bigger things of home improvement. First task at hand is de-cluttering. I have spent all week going through BINS of the boys clothes, seeing what I can give to my sweet sisters-in-law, what just needs to be thrown away and maybe sell a few things on ebay. So far I've made some great progress on this but I'm finding my time is quite limited with Lauren (she really does needs to be held a LOT. Dan says this is not true but as her mom *I* need to hold her, a LOT.) By the time evening rolls around I am often too tired to do anything "project" wise. Bedtime has been close to 10 these days, can you believe that?

Now that bins are being cleared though I am seeing more and more space in my basement. Which has led me to the next project of getting bids to possibly finish the basement. Who knows how long we will live here, but we might as well use the house as we want and like it while we are here. Another spring possibility is a deck. We would love to do that as well.

Project for today though? Having Dan take down the Christmas lights. I think anything Christmas left up too long tends to start making the neighborhood look ghetto. With it being March (!!) our roof has finally thawed enough to where Dan can climb up to take them down!


NatRat said...

I am with you on the Christmas lights...Ours are still up, and they aren't coming down for a while I suppose. There is no way I am letting Collin get up there and screw his knee up more. So, if you see me on the roof one for me!

Kris said...

Ok Nat, you have a good excuse not to take them down. I won't judge you I promise!

kjtroxel said...

Read your post and immediatly asked Neil to please take our light down! It is so ghetto but for us North facers the snow just won't melt this year!
side note: I think the new bachelor is HOT!

Kris said...

I know - next house will NOT be north facing!! And hello - where was Matt G when I lived in London? I never saw any hotties like him! I'm watching this season for sure!