Thursday, February 7, 2008

What I Loved About Today

- I loved waking up in bed with a rare occurance of Graham snuggled next to me. Sweet boy.
- I loved that Greg asked to watch the "Train Movie" before anything else in the morning
- I loved Dan working from home and just knowing he was here with me
- I loved taking Graham to preschool and getting a kiss good-bye and him telling me "I'll miss you Mom!"
-I loved Graham coming out of preschool explaining to Grandma how to work a paper bag puppet and Grandma listened like this was all new to her
- I loved finding Greg in bed at naptime with his collection of "Copper" dogs all around him
- I loved hearing the boys balk like a chicken at Red Robin. Even better was Dan and I not being able to convince them that it's a bird, not a chicken.
- I loved Dan reading "The Sneeches" for the 10th night in a row to Graham without complaining
- I loved the boys telling me that they are beavers and the 10 pillows on our bed are their dam. Crash and rebuild, crash and rebuild.
- I loved hearing my boys laugh together and hearing Graham call Greg his best friend
- I loved being invited to the train show in Graham's room, complete with tickets made by the boys
- I loved looking down to see my belly moving like crazy knowing baby girl will be here in just a few days!
- I loved getting an email from Jackson and Perkins! So excited for spring, yard work, green grass and FLOWERS!


Kitty said...

Wow, what an amazing day you had. Love is all around you. I love you too.

NatRat said...

Your boys are full if imagination...they must get that from their fabulous mom.

kjtroxel said...

You are so good to makes me do the same. Love you friend!

Kari said...

Pure bliss!! I love days like those when everything in the world seems good. So fun to read.

KEYSHA said... lovely! I can't believe your baby girl is almost here! I'm glad you were able to have the 'perfect' day!

Allison said...

I love this list. Good luck tomorrow!

Katie said...

I must be all post partum and hormal b/c that post made me tear up.
I'm going to copy you and do a similar blog entry sometime.

Katie said...
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