Saturday, February 23, 2008

Greggie John is THREE!

My sweet sweet boy Greggie is three today! How does the time fly by so fast?! He was such a good baby and is tender hearted little boy. Getting into trouble (rare for him) almost brings him to tears and he is Graham's Number One fan. I had hoped that my boys would be best of friends - and who could not be friends with him? He has big blue eyes, an infectious smile and happy, easy going personality.

His world has just been opening up and he soaks up every detail. He is deceptively smart and likes to tell me what and what is not, "his favorite." He adores dogs and all of them are named Copper. He has the longest coloring attention span of any child I have ever seen and is not a fan of television with the exception of the Train Movie. He loves to play "Bear" with his daddy, help his mommy cook in the kitchen, volunteers to help Graham clean his room before bed at night and asks to hold Lauren 50 times a day.

Gregory John has been the most amazing blessing in my life. I am grateful daily that this little spirit was sent to be in our family for us to love!


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Greg! I can't believe I have known you your whole life and you are already THREE! I hope it is a wonderful day and that Mom lets you hold your baby sister. :)

Marla said...

Kristen - I don't know why I've taken so long to get to your's the first time I've seen your kids. They are GORGEOUS! Seriously - gorgeous. congrats on the new baby girl!

Parker said...

Sweet, Super Cute, GREG,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wow, I can't believe you are already three. That is so cool. I can't wait to meet you. Tell your Mommy that I'm going to be in Salt Lake on April 5 and I hope to be able to see you.

keysha said...

What a cute little boy! (He sounds like an angel!!!) I love his coloring attention span--I could use some of that over here once in a while! Happy Birthday to adorable Greg! (Once it gets warm...let's get these 3-year-olds together for some play dates!)

NatRat said...

Can you believe he is three? Time flies. He is a cutie, and I love it that the love Lauren. Age 3 is a good age I think, soak this time up.

Kari said...

Happy Birthday Greg!! What a handsome and smart kid. That smile of his will break many hearts I'm sure!!