Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to School

I woke up SO incredibly happy this morning! Why you ask? Because you only have 35 more days of being pregnant? No...(but yes) Because book club is tonight? Noo..(but I do love both of these reasons.)

I am happy because my bored out of his five year old mind son is going back to school today.

Even for the short time that he goes, he loves it and I love him gone for a little break. Greg will actually still take a nap most days, but only if Graham is gone. I have a few hours to run an errand with one child instead of two, or get 10 things done instead of one thing: which was keeping one five year old busy.

Graham is smart. I mean, like his dad, SMART. I don't say this in a boastful way. He honestly is. He likes to be busy. Building things, making things. He is not a quiet child who will sit and color for hours on end. The only kinds of books that will hold his interest very long are "The Human Body" etc. He likes to be running and playing outside. He would rather come up to me and say "Mom, Let's talk about electricity. Do you know how that works? I will tell you." (not kidding)

I am learning the balance of having things for him to do without overwhelming him. So school today is a happy thing. Starting soocer again will be a happy thing also...counting down! And Kindergarten is when?


NatRat said...

It is always nice when the kids head back to school...Bode did this week, and I was in heaven. It is amazing how much more you can get done without one child (especially if that childs name is BODE!)