Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Are you serious??

Without giving away myself completely in lameness in tv viewing....all I can say is, if Chrissy picks Billy over Clay, she is one DUMB girl.

If you have no idea what I am talking about all the better. Tonight should be interesting to see what happens.


Heidi said...

You make fun of me because of my cool outfits. I'll make fun of you because you have to close your blinds to watch tv so you aren't the scandal of the neighborhood. :)

NatRat said...

Well I guess we are both scandals of the neighborhood, because I love the Newport Harbor!! And I am so giddy that they are doing "Home for the Holidays..." it couldn't be more ideal. So, Chrissy better not leave Clay, but I have a feeling, Clay is going to be done with her. I must say Clay is pretty yummmmy....although, he does have some goofy legs (have you noticed?) We must talk after the show tonight. I am so glad you have started blogging, I love reading things you have wrote, you are hilarious!!

keysha said...

Never heard of the show...but it sounds like something right up my ally!!! I found your blog through Nat' I can see what you really are up too!

Kris said...

How have you never heard of this show? I love it!!!

I am totally loving that Chrissy is going to UCSB. I used to live about 40 minutes from Santa Barbara and my mom and I went shopping there a lot. I always wished I had gone to college there, so it's fun to see the scenes they shoot around campus.

And no, Nat, I've never noticed his legs. Now I'll be distracted from his cute face looking at his weird legs!