Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winding Down the Year

I know it's been awhile, life seems to have sped up the last few months and time has just gotten away from me. 
Here's a fast recap of the last few months!  
Just warning you now, more pictures than words.
Lauren started taking piano lessons.  
 We swam and ate a LOT of sno cones this summer.
 Lauren's cousin B had a fancy birthday party downtown for her 8th birthday at the Lion House. 
 Darcy turned one!  We threw her a very informal birthday party...
 complete with a doggy safe cake in the shape of a bone.
 Grew an awesome garden and our apple trees started producing!  YUM! 
Graham earned his Arrow of Light Cub Scout award, Greg earned his Wolf and more arrows than I can sew on a uniform. 
 These two ran a lot of miles in cross country - their team took home the 1st place all county trophy for the 2nd year in a row!
Poor girl was bit by a cat!  :(
 There were long, lazy summer days of lego building in the backyard
Dan and I celebrated our 12th anniversary at the Waldorf Astoria (postponed a week due to strep) but worth the wait! 
I crossed a big item off my bucket list when he took me to see Diana Krall in concert!
 Graham turned 11
 The boys started 3rd and 5th grade
 LuLu started Kindergarten
 Greg danced to Thriller with his 3rd grade class
 For Halloween I had a bride...
 Percy Jackson
 and Batman take over the house.  

We started some other MAJOR things around here but it deserves it's own 209 posts!