Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bee's Baseball Game

Dan's work treated the company to night at the ballpark!  
The Bee's are Salt Lake's triple A minor team.  It's no secret I love a cute boy in a baseball hat so I was excited about this!
They had a catered dinner for us back in a little picnic area behind right field.  His boss arranged a "rigged" raffle for all of the kids there.  Graham and Greg were thrilled with their new Lego sets!
 Lauren got a Pop Star Barbie doll and Barbie video - oh happy day!
 We had GREAT 3rd base seats right on the wall....a little extra leg room for Lauren to walk back and forth between Dan and I to beg for cotton candy. 
Santa Lauren
 The Bee's lost - booooo!
 Seriously - GREAT seats!  And it was such perfect weather for a night at the ballpark!
 My favorite guys
 Greggie and I
 We stayed for the fireworks show afterwards and then the kids were able to go down onto the field and run the bases.  They thought this was AWESOME!  (although one of my children was slightly freaking out about getting dirt in her shoe...she is SO like me!)
What a fun Saturday night!


kjtroxel said...

Love this! What a great night!