Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair Cut - Before and After

This isn't the best picture - I don't take pictures of myself very well with this big hunkin camera in my hand.   
But here is the haircut..
I need to tweak the curls a bit...and get Botox.
 6" gone and thank you to the one person last night who actually noticed.  Not as dramatic looking in person as it feels in my head.  

This is the best before picture I could find that is recent.  Dan took pictures of me and Lauren at her recital and coulnd't bother to tell me that my sunglasses had made my hair stick up all crazy.  Thanks babe.

Mid process my hairstylist had a family emergency involving her son, a treadmill and a big hole in some drywall.  So my hair was cut pretty quickly and I was a nervous wreck thinking..."I should come back later.

But it's a great cut...not exactly how I wanted it and I couldn't have her fix it since I left quickly with wet hair.  It grows so fast that next time I go in I'll make a few adjustments.  I'd like to say it's no big deal but we all know how I feel about hair.  It IS a big deal.  

Lauren has opened up her beauty salon and gave me a manicure last night.
 I got a Barbie sticker for holding still and being a good girl. 
And I found these at the store
You know these were too cute for me to leave them there... 
It's been a good week.


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Um, 6 inches is a HUGE deal. If I cut off 6 inches I would be a boy. And it will take me a decade to grow my hair out another 6 inches.

Heidi Totten said...

It looks fantastic! I don't think I have ever seen it this short - love it. :)

Twice as Nice said...

I think it looks great! Looks very healthy. A good cut does wonders. Enjoy