Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Laundry Rooms

Before putting in our new laundry room, we had considered rearranging our former laundry closet with a stackable washer dryer situation to give us more space.  I've seen some really nice ways to do this via Pintrest.  (Can I just say I am TOTALLY addicted to that site?!)  But it's so much fun looking around at other ideas to see how you want your home to be.  I think it would be something to consider, it just depends on your space and how many kids you do laundry for. My three feel like an army of 50 sometimes!

We finally went with the side by sides in a larger room but I can't bring myself to post pictures of it until I find a valance and a nice rug to put in there....and I seem to be slow on finding what I want these days.  Is anyone else like this?  I know exactly what I want in my head but no one else can manage to design it!  Ack.