Monday, August 15, 2011

Snack Attacks

What is it about my boys that when they come home from school they are completely RAVISHED?  
It's almost as if I need to have "Lunner" waiting for them 
(that's fancy talk for lunch and dinner.)

I've started doing just that....I know when 3:15 hits my job is to have some yummies waiting on the table for them to tide them over until dinner.  

I try to mix it up keeping it somewhat healthy and filling, but fun.  But it's not always easy coming up with ideas for back to school snacks!
What do you serve your hungry kids?


Nae said...

my kids love bananas or apples with Nutella to dip them in. Or I make them "lunchables," turkey and cheese with Ritz crackers. I'd love some new ideas too!

Kristen said...

Ohh! My kids have never had Nutella, I should try that!

Heidi Totten said...

string cheese and apples are the go-to around here.

Olson's said...

Good question....I'm wondering the same thing! Aleah seems to be famished by the time she gets home from school. Looks like we've been serving up many of the same food items, but I'm already feeling like we're in a rut. I'm checking back to see what suggestions you get :)