Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Party

 I was just going to have a little family party for Lauren's 3rd birthday but she heard Greg going on and on about his (which is next week) so I caved.  She picked a Strawberry Ho-cake party.
(She seriously used to call it that.)
Now it's Strawberry Sho-cake...better.  
 I kept things really simple (for me.)  Streamers, balloons, strawberries and flowers on the table.  PINK!
 A few pictures out of when she was just a bitty thing.  And a bowl of taffy the boys couldn't keep their hands out of. 
 She was very, very excited for her friends to show up.  We just invited the kids from JoySchool and two of our neighbors.  She kept going around trying to give everyone a hug.  
The boys did not like this.  
Nor did they like playing hot potato with a Strawberry Shortcake doll.  Those two little boys would.not.touch.it!
 Mmmmm...cupcakes, Dibs and Cherry 7-Up.
 Miss P was my most polite girl there using a fork.  All the other kids had frosting everywhere.
 The cute group! 
 Little Miss P next to LuLu in the middle is her bestie.  She talks about her ALL the time.  They chat at church about their new shoes and what's new.  
Not kidding.  
It cracks me up. 
 LuLu was not being a lady and putting her legs down.  
 Who is her mother?
She had so much fun opening her presents!  Her favorite was an iron and ironing board and she has been ironing everything she can get her hands on. 
 Let's hope that excitement sticks, right? 


NatRat said...

What a fun party! Peiton had a blast and loves being with Lauren. I loved the favor gifts, you are one clever girl.

kjtroxel said...

Dear Lulu,
I have a lot of ironing to do. Can you help?
Love you!
(you always do such a wonderful jobs at parties Kris!)

House of Smiths said...

SO fun! I love the cupcake cake :)
You're such a great mommy!
She looks adorable in that red dress! LOVE IT.


Olson's said...

What a cute party for such cute kids! I didn't even realize it was Lulu's birthday when we saw you at the basketball game -how lame am I - we didn't even wish her a happy birthday!

Can't believe she's 3 already! Hope her day was fantastic!