Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Organized - Day Eleven!

Day 11 - The Freezer!!

Dear Fellow Organizers,
I know I have been hit and miss in my participation.  But some of these projects (for me) require major construction to be finished:
Like the laundry room that I will be moving my machines into shortly. 

However...I did do my freezer this morning!
It wasn't too bad really...just a little mixed up.
I did take everything out and give it a good cleaning though.
I have a LOT of chocolate chips.  I thought I was going to do quite a bit of holiday baking and I just didn't. 
My goal this week is to use up some of these half packages of veggies.  Maybe Chicken Pot Pie for Sunday dinner? With chocolate chip cookies for dessert of course!
The freezer I REALLY need to organize is my garage one.  It's cold and the car is parked inside so it's not really a great day to do looked like this last January...
I need another great sale on chicken - I'm almost completely out!

I love this freezer...I got a super deal on it at Lowe's for $450 and then the delivery guy made a small dent in the side of it when he delivered it so I got another 10% off!  With all the coupons I use this is a great thing to have for stockpiling.  I don't think I could live without one now! 
I'll clean this in the spring when it's not 15 degrees out in my garage!


Alisa said...

I agree - wait 'till spring or summer to do the one in the garage. I think I will too.

Our garage is SOOOO cold! Can't stand it!

Beth's Blog said...

I didn't clean out the one in the garage because it was cold too!

looks great! good job!

Anonymous said...

great work!

Melissa @ Little Raindrops said...

Mmm, pot pie and chocolate chip cookies sound like a great idea! Your freezer looks good! I agree, wait to do the big one until it's warmer. I can't image standing out in a cold garage with the freezer open for any extended period. Save it for spring! And how awesome that you got a great deal on that big freezer! If we had the space, that would be fantastic! Keep up the great work and good luck with your major laundry room project!!

Twice as Nice said...

I took some time off work during the holiday and I cleaned out all of my cabinets in the kitchen, cleaned the fridge and freezer and our large freezer in the garage, straighten up all the laundry room drawers, had my son clean out some of his drawers and clothes and did my bedroom drawers...I think the reason twin and I are not good bloggers is because we never think to take pictures and post about what we are doing! I didn't take any before pictures so I couldn't join in with everyone else. It sure does feel good when it is done doesn't it? I need to do some more purging and get rid of some stuff that for some reason or another I just think I can't live without!!