Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Garden

So I decided to grow a small garden this year.  
After years of "phoo phooing" gardens and my many "I don't garden" comments I thought for the kids sake we should grow one.  It might be fun.

I was right!  Where has this garden been all our lives? 
Dan started back in April by helping the boys makes me this:
 that now looks like this:
 Obviously not a fantastic first time attempt but not bad enough to discourage us.
The tomatoes seem happy, I planted a Celebrity, two Better Boys and a Roma
 The Anaheim Peppers are coming in and I'm cleaning and freezing them so they will be ready for salsa making.
The minis painted large Popsicle sticks for us to use as markers.  We've messed up with the beans but I'm going to string the trellis today and hope they might be revived.  
But now I'm thinking raspberry, strawberry and blackberry bushes along the back fence and maybe a dwarf Cherry or Peach tree for next year!

Are you growing a garden?  Do you have any great tips for a novice?


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I posted about my (now deceased) garden today. Yours looks great!

Twice as Nice said...

We just planted a few tomato plants. We love to garden but get way to busy and end up with more weeds then veggie!! You look like you have a great set up. Not too much room for weeds to grow.

Kerstin said...

This would be my second year gardening. Last year was horrible, I didn't realize how much I needed to water and almost everything died and looked sickly.

This year a lot of the vegetables are looking really nice. But, we now have "squash bugs" that we are going to have to deal with and that is making me a little ill.

I just think every year I will learn a little bit more and become a little bit better...:)

Nic said...

Nope! I let my parents grow then garden and wait for them to offer to give me some. LOL! Ps...The Shopping girls pictures are adorable!! You are training her right! Ha!

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

visiting from SITS...
i've always wanted to do this... to plant a garden full of veggies and herbs... but it looks sorta hard and intimidating

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

need to do this in my backyard and stopping from sits

kjtroxel said...

Your garden looks great!
Hopefully, my garden has survived me being gone!
Something eats my strawberries before they are ripe. Mouse?
Watering is need enough so everything is happy, too much and you'll have a mushroom garden :)
Be careful with rasberries. They spread and take over and even jump into your neighbors yard!. Best to contain them. But if you want them next year, I have a neighbor that has given some starts away every year so she should have some free ones next year. LMK

Nic said...

Thats it...Don't think we can be friends anymore...LOL! If your ever in Arkanas I'm treating you to a Sonic Drink!!

Jenn Erickson said...

You garden looks great! I like the way you partitioned your raised bed. Wish I had some great tips, but my raised bed is going on year-two of being a big ole box o' dirt. I'm feeling inspired though, and may have to borrow your idea for those partitions. Happy gardening, and have a wonderful weekend. Stopping by from SITS...Jenn

Anonymous said...

That's a cute little garden! Did better than mine did this year. Neglecting to transplant into bigger containers will do that, lol. (Not giving up though.)

Is that planter on top of the concrete, or just off of it? I'm asking, because concrete absorbs water like crazy, and can also leach stuff into anything sitting on it. If someone out there wants to copy your design, they should sit it off the patio, or else put a wood bottom on it with drainage holes, line it with weed blocker fabric, and raise it up on small legs.