Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse Movie Night!

Also known as -  I am too old to stay up until 3:30 a.m.
 But how could I say no to this?  
You just can't.  
Well, legally I have to because Taylor is still underage, right? 
I am absolutely Team Edward until Jacob takes his shirt off.  
That is when I become Fickle Felicity.  
(Ben? Noel? Ben? Noel?)

 At least it wasn't as bad as last the fire marshal...
 And I got to go with my best friend, Kjersten who, like me, severely disliked Bella's ring.  Costume shop anyone?
Chris - we missed you!!  Come to Utah and see the next one with us!

I LOVED the movie.  I need to go see it again soon.  It really was my favorite of the three movies.  Amazing what a jump up in the movie budget can do, right?  Every character actually seemed more matched to the book.  Right down to the way Edward sparkled - not like in Twilight where it looked like someone dumped some cheap dime store glitter on his head.  
 Hats off to Edward for not giving it up to Bella.  What a hooker she was!  Pressuring the poor guy. 
And there you have it - my hot in demand (ha!) movie review.   I have had a lot of caffeine today to keep me going and now I'm off to bed to dream of glittery marble statues and Indian boys who make my stomach flip.

Have you seen it?  What did you think?


Shanade said...

I saw it yesterday and LOVED it (I couldn't stomach the thought of watching it at midnight just to get up 3 hours later and take care of a 1 and 2 year old the next day). It was by far the best movie (and book I thought) of the three and I'm so excited to see it again.

Anonymous said...

I need to go see it simply based on your hot review! I still can't believe you were nuts enough to stay up that late. But on the plus side, you look FABULOUS in that picture. No amount of make-up can make me look that good, that late a night.

Allison said...

love this post! And I'm with you, I'm too old for this! Also love the Felicity reference. You crack me up!

Chris said...

OH my gosh. I just wrote a dissertation on here, and it didn't go through! GAH! Basically, I wish I could have gone with you, love the Felicity quote, and Jacob's hot. The end.

kjtroxel said...

Same thing just happened to me! wrote a bunch, pressed send...didn't work!

Oh well,
Love going with you, next time 7pm :)
We're cute in that last year pic. Were we too ugly to post this year? LOL
(and Ben...he was more hot and less needy!)

Kristen said...

Nooo..this years pic was cute - I couldn't get my camera to download! I agree - I was a Ben fan too.