Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Toy Personalization with Vinyl

 With the weather finally improving we went and bought Lauren her birthday present. 
(Yeah, we know it's in February but I didn't want this in my living room for 3 months, would you?)
I hate Cozy Coupes.  Mostly due to the ugly color combo. 
Lauren LOVES hers and calls it her "Doozy Doupe."
But I needed it to be cute and stand out from the other 18 on our street.  
"Girl it up" a little if you will. 
I emailed my dear friend, Shelley over at House of Smith's or Wonderfully Wordy.
We aren't really dear friends, but we will be someday I'm sure. 
I'm totally infatuated with her blog.
Which made Dan say "That woman is never to set foot in my home."
I think someone might be scared I'm dreaming up more projects...
 I picked out some vinyl and TWO days later LuLu was humming "Don't cha wish your doozy doupe was hot like mine?"
 So cute!  It was so easy!!
I love that it looks more girlie and now it won't get confused with the others in the neighborhood.
I realize that this MAY bring down the resale value but it's worth it!

Go visit my other friend Chris for tons more of Show and Shares!
Is that the worlds worst grammar or what, which is funny since Chris is an English teacher.
I'm sure she'd give me a D- on this poorly written post! Ha!

ps...this is NOT a paid endorsement post.  I needed vinyl, saw that Shelley sold it and emailed her.  She was really that great to work with that I Linked back to her!


House of Smiths said...

OH MY GOSH! So cute! LOL... it makes me laugh, because I can't get that song out of my mind now. LOL.

I can't WAIT to post this on my WW blog! Thanks so much for the shout out Kristen!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Oh my goodness, so darling! I still remember loving those cars as a child. I'm sure she'll wear it out!

Melinda said...

How fun is that?!

KJlovesBubba said...

OH Kristen! I know Shelley, really. We were in the same ward before we were in your ward! :) She really is darling, an inspiration and has the cutest family ever. Shelley AMAZES me! How much fun and cute is that "Doupe"! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that is possibly one of the cutest things I've seen. Makes me wish Tay was 3 years younger and that she could have a pimped out ride.

kjtroxel said...

you funny!
all pimped out and ready to ride!

Melissa said...

That is darling!! Absolutely adorable. My favorite part may just be the fact that Lulu calls it a "Doozy Doupe" though. I mean, really, how cute is that?!! :)

Robbie said...

OMG too cute!!! I would have loved to have fixed the Diva's coupe up like that

Cori @ MTS said...

That is so stinkin' cute!
I hope it's okay that I shared this on my blog More! Than Scrap.
And I'm totally jealous for my daughter that yours has 18 neighbor kids to play with.

Kelli W said...

Oh my goodness! That is seriously the cutest Cozy Coupe I have ever seen!

Tonya said...

That is so cute! I think you are going to up your resale! Great idea!

Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

Love, Love, Love this idea! I put a picture of the one we made with a link to your post on my blog today. Thanks!