Friday, May 28, 2010

We Lost Our Dog

I say "we" because even though it's my mom and dad's dog - we sort of see her as our family dog too.  Without having to pick up the dog poop.

But my poor dad had the garage door open for a minute when he was arranging car seats - they were on their way to the airport to pick up my brother and nieces. 
And Jessie took off.  
He is just sick about this.  My mom is mad and sad at the same time.  It's hard to be mad at my dad when she knows it was an accident.  Jessie is an older dog and can't run very well.  

We've had a few sightings in the neighborhood but we are always about an hour behind.  I spent almost my entire day yesterday driving around with the minis looking for her. 

It broke my heart to know she spent last night outside, that she is hungry, tired and thirsty.


Melinda said...

We'll keep a look out for her Kristen! And if we see her we'll grab her!

Kita said...

Im glad to read you got Jesse back! This post is heartbreaking.

Stopping by from SiTs. PS your blog layouts are all cute!