Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whistle While You Work

I am doing a little housekeeping today.  
Both online and in my home. 
I realized that I had over 300 Blogs in my reader...which makes a crazy number when you think of everyone posting.  Is it normal to have that many?  

I think I just mark everything I see thinking I'll get back to it and then I don't!

The clutter tends to make me cranky.

Don't forget about my cute doll cradle Giveaway.  I'd be tucking that away for Christmas if I were to win it!


TAMI said...

I recently purged my bloglist. More than anything, I felt a need to return to simplicity. Did the same thing on facebook and other places.

Remember, blogging was created FOR you, not you for blogging. Don't let it take over more than you consciously chose to give it.

And, as always, it's been nice to stop by!!

Amber said...

I don't have 300, but I do wish that there was a way to highlight some over others. I don't want to completely abandon some...but I wish that I could have favorites... maybe someday I'll find something that does that.
~Amber @ The Mom Road

Amber said...

I kind of feel a bit dumb... :) I use feedly to view my blog stuff. It makes it look like magazine which is cool. But I never noticed that at the top there is a link to organize sources. I can make favorites and create categories to put some of the blogs in. Maybe this will help you out.

~Amber @ The Mom Road