Friday, February 26, 2010

Greg's Five Year Old Pirate Party!

Greg turned five on Wednesday...he has been waiting to be five for months now.
I totally forgot he requested french toast and sausage for his birthday breakfast.  On a school morning. Shoot!!
Kneaders to the rescue - Dan did a quick run through the drive though. Whew - that was a close call.
The birthday boy got to be the helper at school.
Greg is annoyed with the camera these days.  
Tough luck Charlie...the camera will be in your face as long as I am your mother. 
He brought treats for his class.   To see what I did, go to this post here.
 He requested Red Robin for a corn dog.  Which he did not even touch!  Oh well, at least Dan and I had a nice lunch out and got a few great games of tic-tac-toe in.
Ahoy thar mateys!
3:00 p.m. could not come fast enough - it was time for him to become Captain Greg Sparrow!
I don't recommend making a pirate cake at 1:00 a.m.  It was a little sloppy.  If you'd like to see a better version for  reference sake, please go to this post here.
Thankfully five year old boys are not critical and just like cake no matter what. Hmmm, come to think of it, so do I!

They were a little scared of the Shark's Blood punch though. 
They made Pirate Booty necklaces (Apple Jacks on a yarn necklace) Pirates in attendance were Long J Silver, Barnacle B , Black Beard Graham, Black Hearted T, etc. etc.  Pirate names were very important and they were cute trying to call each other by name.
Hot potato with a skull.  Graham was a good loser. 
Getting lined up to shot at the bad pirates.
Since it was snowing in the morning I had to mix up the games and cancel the outdoor treasure hunt.  But the kids seemed to like shooting nerf darts at the window. 
Walking the plank was also a favorite.  
What a cute group!  We were sad that two of his little friends couldn't make it due to illness but we took them some cake over afterward.  We had such a fun time...I cannot believe my little guy is five!

Happy Birthday Greggie John!


NatRat said...

You are the number one party girl! I know where to come for ideas. :) Great cake!

KEYSHA said...

Argh! So much fun! (That cakes looks awesome and Carsen still talks about the 'sharks blood'!) Phew, bet you are glad this week is over...Enjoy your weekend, put your legs up and dig into "Pope Joan".

Mandy P said...

Are you kidding me?!?!? Your cake lookes FABULOUS!!!!!!! What a great birthday party. You are so crafty and resourceful...things that I most definitely NOT! =)My oldest turns 5 in May and I am kicking and screaming all the way there. The time just goes too fast, doesn't it!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!


Mrs Montoya said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love to see kiddos birthdays and think walking the plank is the most clever thing I've seen. Very, very cute!

Carrie said...

Looks like a cute party! Happy belated birthday to him :)

Visiting from SITS

Anonymous said...

so cute! I always love it when you throw a party and then post pictures of all your super cute ideas. Tay's 6th is in June and she will be having her first ever friend party. Any ideas for me?

kjtroxel said...

I love the big pirate banner! Such a great idea that I will be using at one of Cade's parties.
Love that first picture of Greg! What a cutie

Small Burst said...

Happy belated birthday to Greg! Your pirate cake looks great! You do good work for 1 am. LOL

Heidi and Judd said...

Cute Birthday! Your so creative! Happy Birthday cute Greg!