Monday, October 12, 2009

We Made It to Georgia, Y'all!

Whew! We finally made it to Mike and Kelly's house (my brother and sister-in-law) And how perfect were our hosts? They knew we had been trapped in a car with three kids so they got a babysitter and off we went to Fox Brother's BBQ that night for dinner. Dan was in heaven. He loves Southern Food.
They have a great patio, the weather was perfect and it was so nice to sit and relax!

Afterwards we decided to go to Ciao! Gelato for a little treat. Kelly looks cute here, Mike is difficult with a camera around.
But he always makes me laugh SO hard.
This is Mike moments after he said, "I think something happened here."
Ya think? Light pole down, wall busted and bench broken. Sherlock Holmes to the rescue. I still laugh looking at the pictures.
The next morning Kelly and I took off for a consignment sale (I love these! I wish they did them in Utah but everyone is has so many siblings with oodles of babies that nothing ever gets sold, just handed down.)
Except to us. I get handed down jack crap and have to pay for all the kids clothes.
It was POURING rain and so the guys took the kids to Leapin Lizards and we met them there.
Cute niece...she has got the prettiest brown eyes!
We also went to the Fernblah blah museum? I don't remember the exact name. I do remember that the kids loved it, there were 20 something different examples of how to compost in the back garden and that is where I received 12 mesquite bites.
Saturday night - funny story. (well, to me)
Dan's brother, Tim lives in Atlanta while getting his Ph.D. He is SUPER smart and VERY good with money. Let's be nice and call this being frugal. ;) We wanted to go to dinner with him and this concerned me. We had our three babies with us and Tim is crazy adventurous. I am not. I had vision of us eating at some random place with a menu I could not pronounce.

I suggested the Cheesecake Factory. Dan and Tim balked at this saying it would be too expensive. Tim suggested a place that he had heard of in Roswell called Greenwoods. I decided to suck it up and be the super cool wife/sister in law and just go with whatever was suggested by the guys.

We drive up and it's this super quaint old house, white twinkle lights, open kitchen.
Busy (a good sign, right?)
We sit down, I open the menu and about cough up a lung.
A glass of water was like $8.
Fried green tomatoes? $16
Kristen's delicious salmon dinner? $28
The boys hamburger? $14

You get the picture. Lauren was super mad since it was late and she was tired/hungry. But dinner was yummy and I got to say "I told you so" and Dan was the one to foot the $500.00 bill! Ha! (Ok, it wasn't THAT much!)
Lauren thought it would be fun to feed the boys with her fork.
We made pizzas one night back at Mike and Kelly's - the boys always love this. Mike always has the coolest music playing in the house and it's super fun. It makes things feel more like an event rather than, just make dinner already. He is REALLY into music and has a new drum set - you should've seen Graham's eyes pop when Uncle Mike let him play them.

Graham trying to snuggle Lauren. She LOVED rolling out her pizza. She did NOT love Marley and Abbey (the doggies) stealing her food every meal!


Chris said...

Funny stuff! At $8.00 for a bottle of water, you're a better wife/sister-in-law than I am. I would have walked right out the door. Oh, what we (you) do for family!

kjtroxel said...

That must have been some mighty good salmon! LOL
I love reading all about this super fun trip!

Reagan said...

my girls are coming up next weekend and you just made me so excited to see them!

Anonymous said...

Geese!!! I can't believe how fun this trip looks! You guys are such troopers. And aren't you doing Disneyland here soon? Your kids will never be able to complain about their childhood, that's for darn sure.

Nic said...

Amen to Facebook! Just deactivated mine!