Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Trip - Lots of Pics, Few Words

We left St. Louis and headed on the road to my new home state somewhere in the future...Tennessee. I love this state! Well, what I saw of it.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn Opryland in Nashville. Nicest hotel, srsly. And this is where we had a little problem checking in. Turns out the discount code I found on-line that got us $15-20 off our rooms each night at the H.I. was a corporate code!

Ooops! She honored the price anyhow - since she couldn't get her computer to change it. Greg insisted on getting his picture taken in the guitar chair and told me "Make sure you buy this for Uncle Mike." Quick stop to the most humid place on earth.
I told Graham to "look Presidential." He looks more like "I am sick of being quiet and having stupid tour guides make fun of my name!"

The kids loved all the little paths that wound around the property. They were really enchanting.

Rear view of the impressive and seemingly large Hermitage. Side view of the not so impressive and small Hermitage. It's a fake front! I thought my designer friend Kristen would get a kick out of how Jackson tried to turn a Federal style home into a Greek Revival!
Standing in the original main road to the mansion. Cool headstone in the family cemetery. Look at this gorgeous view! Our drive from Nashville to Atlanta - if the humidity was quick to get used to I would pick up and move to Tennessee tomorrow.

Next up....Georgia!


breanne said...

You never get used to the humidity! We live in Memphis and sometimes it's hard to breathe b/c the humidity is so high. TN was happy to have ya!

Melinda said...

Oo! Those path look pretty! Also, I've always wanted to read the book club book you have up for the month. I like the lighting in Vermeer paintings and I've seen the movie.

Anonymous said...

I keep checking in because I can't wait to see your pictures from Georgia!!! I could live there too I think.