Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Adventures!

It's been a crazy last two weeks - but so much fun! My book club had a movie night at Amanda's house and our friend Cori (Amanda's sister and my old neighbor) came all the way from Mississippi to join us! A little salad potluck and "Music and Lyrics" made for a fun night! We missed a few girls though! Hope you can make it next time!
Kjersten and I took our boys to the copper mine or as my boys like to call it "The Old Mine." We come here once every summer and they still think it's the coolest place ever. (It IS pretty impressive, I mean, you can see it from space!)
Getting ready to watch the movie and see how copper is made.
They always have to see if they can move the carts. Maybe next year if their muscles grow a little!
The classic, "Here we are in front of a large tire" pose. Lauren was SO not loving this.
Yup! They're digging deeper! The boys have been playing "miners" today pretending they are digging for gold. Too cute!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Looks like you've been up to a lot of fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Would my boys like the copper mine or is it mostly for older kids? It looks like such a neat place and it's so close!

p.s That bag of cars is still a big hit!!!

Becky said...

Wow that is a HUGE tire! I am sure you all had a blast and the boys were in Heaven :)

Kristen said...

Desiree - they would love it!! Bring some quarters so they can watch the trucks and there is a really neat museum inside. It's $5 for a carload to get up to the mine, but the rest is free.

Allison said...

Book club movie night was so much fun! I just love my bookclubers!