Friday, June 5, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Office!!

It's that time again! Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Friday! I missed the last two weeks (no guest room at our house) and children's rooms (because I didn't feel like super cleaning the boys rooms for pictures) but office pictures I can do!

I love my office, as much as I get giddy about going to Office Max or seeing cute office things at Target. Not having a great day? Nothing a cute new notepad or pen can't fix for me.
Best Mother's Day gift ever? My label maker. So not kidding.

I know, I'm a nerd. I've come to be okay with that.
My desk. Lucky for me I had a "clean desk" picture to post. Today I've been working on wedding flower quotes (I'm starting to do flowers again from time to time, nothing crazy with the bridal shows like before, but just doing a few makes it a fun hobby for me that puts a little extra cash in my pockets!)
And I'm now the Cub Scout Committee Chair at church so I'm getting a lot of cub scout things coming my way that I need to read and sort through!
I bought these curtains when we first moved here 5 years ago. Didn't know where to hang them until I moved my desk in here from upstairs. Then discovered they were too short. That was also when I discovered the Nester and I copied a few of her tricks to help save the day!
See what a little yard of fabric can do? Then I hot glued some black trim onto the seam to finish it off. Perfect!Painted this archway last summer. Because when you have 2 active boys and a brand new baby it's fun to get paint everywhere. I started off with over 60 chips...look at those, not the messy shelves.
Homestead Resort Pale Olive won out. I love it. so much I used it in my guest bathroom also! Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Yay! first comment:) I love show us where you live Friday's. I had no idea you're archway was painted. That looks good!

Meredith said...

Love the green paint! It's a perfect shade. Gotta love a little hot glue to fix some beautiful curtains. ;) I would love to have an office like that to spread all my projects out.

*Didn't know you do flowers too! fun!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I love your desk/bookcase set - so great!

Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

I love your office!! So nicely furnished and has great character!!

I enjoyed reading your post- you're a clever writer, too!!

Anonymous said...

great office. good trick to make the drapes longer. loving the olive color, looks great!

kjtroxel said...

Ohhh to have an office! And a pretty one to boot!

Chris said...

Ugh. Dreamy! I love seeing the tour of your home. That desk is beautiful! Of course, your mistreatments are awesome!

Nic said...

Hey! I tagged you for a photo game! Hope you'll play along =)