Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top o the Mornin' to Ya!

We are a wee bit late but still wanted to share our St. Patrick's Day fun!!
Our sweet lass Lauren loved her green pancakes! (sad she bonked her nose, it looks much better today!)
Greg came downstairs and I got the huge reaction from him - "What?! Did YOU do this mom? Green pancakes and milk? CRAZY!" Funny boy.
Grahamie came downstairs and looked around like he knew just what was up, "I knew you would do this mom" But he still gobbled everything right up. I missed out on a photo-op. We picked up one of Graham's friends from school and with all four kids screaming after footprints and chocolate coin trails in our house, I could barely keep up! (And keeping the boys fair to Greg, they were hogging all the coins and he wasn't getting any!) But this is what a lephrechaun left us. He left it high up away from LuLu too - those elfs are smart!
And these are the treats I made for the boys to take to their teachers at school. I wrote a super lame thing that said "I lucked out and struck gold when I got you for a teacher!" HSPD! We put gold coins, rolos, Hershey's gold bars and Andes mints inside. I think they turned out cute.

For dinner we had Grandma and Grandpa over for corned beef, potatos, Irish Soda Bread, green jelloand green salad. Which is right about when I started feeling yuck. So I will most likely never eat these things again!

I've got two more frozen corned beef packages in my freezer. They worked out great in the crock-pot. I got them for a great price on Monday at the store and I will NEVER cook them. I had to pitch the leftovers in my fridge, the sight of them makes my stomach churn.
Free to the taker - who wants one?


Anonymous said...

Look how stinkin' cute you are! You put me to shame. All I had energy for was a green frosted cake and some green milk. You are AMAZING!!

southern queen bee said...

Oh how sweet. I bet those teachers give extra credit for candy!!! That was not lame, If I were a teacher I would love that.

cdonald0727 said...

Oh--please post your corned beef and cabbage recipe!

Heidi said...

We love corned beef! I want one! I'll even pay you for one if you want...

ilovepink said...

How creative!!!