Saturday, February 28, 2009

Easy Birthday Treats

When Graham turned five I made these cute candy bar handouts. It was for 14 kids so it was a bit time consuming to do. Cute, sort of easy, and no mess for the teacher! So that was a plus.

But now I've switched over to something even easier....

I love making fun little treats for the boys to hand out at school. It's just a little extra thing to make their day special. Greg's class at preschool only has 10 kids so that made everything even easier to do! HOORAY!
I only put in four things. Since everything has to be wrapped, a Hostess cupcake, Spiderman fruit snacks (to go with the theme of his big party,) a balloon and a noisemaker. I picked up everything at Wal-Mart including the cellophane bags.I printed out a quick tag that read "Happy 4th Birthday Greg!" with a clip art picture of balloons.

I do this partly because my boys always come out of classes with birthday things and when I ask them, "Whose birthday was it?" - they have NO clue. So this way the moms know who had the birthday! I tied the tag on with some leftover ribbon (Remember this post? I have lots of it!)

Are your kids allowed to hand things out at school? What do you do?


Decor To Adore said...

Ah we are kindred spirits. I always have hand outs for my son and his classmates and generally include a little tag. :)
Sadly, yes, all the food has to be prepackaged.

ilovepink said...

I love creating unique handouts. I put the name tags on too for the exact same reasons. I just bought pink and green bags, Easter grass, and ribbon for Easter handouts. I think we will docorate egg shaped cookies or make nutter butter chicks to put in the bags - stay tuned! I spend way too much time and money on this but, hey....they are only young once!

Unknown said...

Aww, how cute! One of our favorite giveaways is to buy blank CD's and make a little music collection of the b-day kids favorite songs at the time. We make cute little CD envelopes out of scrapbook paper that we print the song titles on the one side and on the other side a "Happy Birthday" shout-out to the kid. They are SO cheap and cute and we've had a lot of parents tell us they're kids still listen and have dance parties with them. I'll have to see if I can round up a picture of a past one.

Gretchen said...

What a great idea! I think anything in a cellophane bag is exciting

kjtroxel said...

I just read through the comments and you are all such good mamas! I, on the other hand send in store bought cookies...usually M&M cookies. I follow the standard at my school. Most parents at my school do not send in treats at all.

{darlene} said...

hmmm. I am not sure about the policies yet, because Caleb has a summer bday...and I LOVE your ideas, I will have to use them for Christian (a fall bday).
great post!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

I have to do this Friday! I'm taking cupcakes, but these bags sound cute and easy, too. So cute!

Trisha Paddock said...

What a cute idea!!!

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