Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Found My Countertops Today!

I feel like I haven't seen them all week. Not that I love them.
I just don't love having stuff all over them.
I really love movies..lately I've been into vampire ones so I decided to get artsy and watch La Vie En Rose about the life of famous Parisian singer, Edith Piaf. Friends, due to specific happenings in my life, I do not love France, things from France, or much French of anything. Hats off to those who do. But I found this movie of Ms. Piaf to be haunting and horrific. What a tragic life she led when all she wanted was to be loved.
And don't tell me "oh, if you went to France you would LOVE it."
I've been there.
I kissed a cute Italian stranger on top of the Eiffel Tower just to say I've done it.
London is just more my style if we're going to go European.
Interesting movie to not watch with kids around though.

I cannot figure out why you never hear her sing "La Vie En Rose" even once in the movie. It's such a beautiful song. Anyone?

I looked up the nutritional facts of the casserole I made for our church Christmas breakfast...
That's right. To the man who was in line in front of me and scooped up almost 1/2 of the pan...I pray you do not have a heart attack this weekend. I will feel SO guilty over that one.

I found a Cooking Light version that I hope will not clog anyone's arteries Christmas morning!


AJ said...

Oh my! Hope the recipe tasted good:) I laughed out loud at your heart attack comment!
I've never even heard of that movie. Might have to check it out. Any chance you watched True Blood on HBO?

Heidi said...

Wow - I wonder what the total was for having one spoonful of at least 6 different casseroles that morning...

Kitty said...

I loved that movie. I think that explains a lot about us.
love you

Emily said...

wow good thing I don't like breakfast casseroles.

kjtroxel said...

I'll have watch that movie. What was that cassorole? A stick of butter and some white bread :)
Hey, I bet it tasted really good!
:)I'd like the cooking light recipe please

Anonymous said...

well, i'm sure he enjoyed it. even if he pays for it later. it must have been something southern to have that many calories!!! :)
merry christmas,

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oh my gosh, I did NOT need to see that calorie count! I am glad this baby is pushing all my other organs out of the way and hopefully I don't have a lot of room to overeat!

I have seen La Vie En Rose. It is haunting and I could not believe the performance that the actress (I forget her name) gave to play Edith Piaff. Just amazing.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Melinda said...

You guys did a great job on the Christmas party. I ate Teresa's casserole because Elder Hersey told us to and it was really good. John was a rebel and made french toast souffle. Take this quiz and see if you're really a London girl!
Apparently I'm a Rome girl.

kate said...

I also loved La Vie en Rose, what a sad life she lived, sometimes i think singer, have to have that emotional life to sing as well as they do from their hearts.
best to you
please visit our blog
ps i like the diamonds!!!