Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun Turkey Crafts!

Graham has been having a little friend over to play once a week from school. I'm, um, (cough, cough) "BABYSITTING." Which is funny because I don't like other people's children all that much and I don't babysit. (I'm just not the type to gush over children, oh you are soo cute! Etc. Kid are obviously ok, otherwise I wouldn't have had any, I simply prefer my own.) But this is a great kid and he plays SO well with my three. So we are making an exception to the very strict rule.

In return my friends know that the only way I will ever ask them to babysit is if I am dying, about to die, or Dan is dying. Period.

But I picked up these little can turkey instructions at the local library. (ps..I think our librarians are perpetually cranky...anyone else agree?) and then I came up with these sad little sugar cookie turkeys. But the kids LOVED making them, using the icing tubes, a little chocolate frosting in a can and there was little mess involved.

Gobble! Gobble!!

ps...I made a few more tassels for gifts this Christmas. This could get addicting! I'm offering one for sale in my Etsy shop - but please don't go fighting over its fabulousness. It is *really, really* cute!!


keysha said...

Adorable little crafts. I tell ya, you are amazing! Way to embrace this fabulous holiday with some fun entertainment for the kids. (Those sugar cookies look delicious....)!

Our librarians are extremely grumpy. Just yesterday she barked at me, "Don't hold your card so close to the scanner." (Reeeer! Lady! Sheesh).

Anyhow. Happy Thanksgiving!

Meredith said...

Love the turkey crafts. I have got to do more of that with my kids. And, I hear ya on the "babysitting". ;)

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one out there who isn't fond of other people's children.

Chris said...

I feel like this really deserves an entire e-mail, but I couldn't wait to tell you that I feel the SAME way about other people's kids! I always thought something was wrong with me and how I don't gush over kids. Believe me, I think they're cute, and I am nice to them. I just hate babysitting and oohing and ahhhing over them. What's wrong with us? Thank you for making me feel a little more normal about this weirdness in us. :)

The Golf Widow said...

Cute cookies!I am totally with you in the babysitting department.If I've asked my friends death is near.

Adorable tassel!!!

The 5 Bickies said...

Our children's librarians are totally cranky. Why did they pick that profession?