Friday, July 11, 2008


I really miss doing wedding flowers. I loved going to the wholesaler and spending other peoples money on such beautiful things! I loved creating what they had envisioned.

And then I remember...
delivering flowers and setting up weddings in 103 degree heat, dealing with moms who were not so nice, stressed out brides, having my house filled with the mess of flowers and begging my 2 and 4 year olds not to touch them (so tempting!) The list goes on.

And then I don't miss it so much anymore!


TAMI said...

Experience is the great giver of perspective! Things that once looked all so "rosey" come to be seen as having a few thorns as well!!

Susie Harris said...

What talent... Did you make those in the pictures... I know who to call when my girls say I do.... I promise I wont be one of those mean mommies.... Beautiful flowers... Susie H~

Parker said...

Everything you touch turns to pretty. You are so talented.

kjtroxel said...

You really are so talented! Maybe one day you'll go back.