Sunday, June 29, 2008

Curse You Harbor Freight!

Dan loves this store. I don't know what lures him in more, the millions of junkie tools or the cheap prices. But when the flier comes in the mail it's treated like a Sear Roebuck catalog with such high reverence and importance. Where it seems as though we should all sit around the crackling fire, circling favorites in the ad and we can all dream of the day when we can purchase a set of clamps, drill bits or a $2.00 shovel. Sigh.

THIS is what I came home from church to find set up in my kitchen.
Yup, one of his latest HF acquisitions. Someone break out the sleeping bags and hobo dinners. I might as well be camping in my own home. (Not a bad way to camp really, if one has to camp...but really - on the counter top? Where I prepare food? Yuck!)


TAMI said...

What is that? A bug zapper type thing?

Susie Harris said...

My Dad loves that store? Not sure why... Guess cause it's cheap. We did buy a drill there once. yup, it's broke. Well it's not broke cause it never worked.Is he planning on catching some bugs in your kitchen... funny... Men! Susie H~

Kris said...

Yes, I shoudl clarify that I asked him to kill A fly that was in the house. In man speak I guess that translates to "we have a swarm, break out the big guns!"

kjtroxel said...

Maybe you can roast marshmellow before it kills bugs????
Neil buys fancy camping stuff too. We have been camping exactly once :)

Kimba said...

We have a similar store and my hubby goes nuts when the flyer comes.

Your comment was so sweet. Thanks! And, no, I don't poly anything I paint. Some of the more abused pieces do get chipped after a while. I've got two boys too. I just paint them again when it gets too bad.

Parker said...

I love camping stuff but I don't like it in my pretty kitchen. I'm with you sister girl. It was kind of cute of Dan though. Hey, go check my blog...there is a surprise for you.