Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yard Sale!!

What a lot of work! But it feels SO good to have so much junk out of my house. Keysha, Marcy, Natalie and I put all our things together and I couldn't believe how fast we filled the driveway and lawn with so much! Some of the things I thought would go fast didn't and the strangest things sold right away. Go figure. Some lady was brave enough to come at 7:30 to scope things out, and then she came back 3 times! I got offered $8.00 (!!!) for a double mattress set (whatever, I just kept it as a guest bed) I made some sugar cookies for Graham to sell - he was thrilled with the $12.00 he made from that.

What we didn't sell we loaded up in the back of the minivan and donated it on the way to seeing Dan's family. The rest (all the boys too small clothes) I brought over for my two sisters-in-law to take. Funny how I get so attached and sentimental with the kids clothes! We had a fun BBQ for his dad's birthday. I was scared of this man for the first few years we were married. He always seemed to be yelling about things like who loaded the dishwasher wrong or the kids not getting into the car fast enough and it scared me. But ever since the family came back from living in Texas he has mellowed out. Plus now I have kids and I too yell at them for not getting in the car fast enough! He's a really hard worker and so dedicated to teaching his children and being a good example to them.
Happy Birthday Maynard!

We had to hurry over to another party to say Happy Birthday to my mom's best friend, Linda. She has been like a second mom to me all my life. It was so relaxing to sit on their backyard swing and chat with everyone while the kids ran around outside. What a great evening.
I think I was in bed by 10:00 p.m. It was a loooong day - but I LOVE that feeling of going to bed knowing you had a great day and accomplished so much. Maybe the $100 extra bucks in my wallet helped with that a bit!'
Ok girls, next garage sale will be in 2010!


Parker said...

Man, I wish I could have gone to your yard sale. I probably would have found some treasures and bought a super cute cookie.

keysha said...

Oh what a day! I must say, the highlight of the day for me was the cookies....hmmmm....They were super tasty!

We were competing with the Daybreak yard sale after all. Had we known, we could've switched the date. Oh well, maybe in ten years (when I have enough crap accumulated) we can find out who else is doing a yard sale and plan around it!

Till then...we've got the yard sale memories to linger in our heads! (And the extra change in our pockets!)

Allison said...

I love a good yard sale! Sorry I missed it.

NatRat said...

I am glad it is over...a lot of work! I too was suprised at what things sold and what things didn't, I thought I had some pretty good crap.

I agree with Keysha, the highlight was the yummalicious cookie you made....danke!

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

I am participating in a community yard sale this weekend. It motivated me to get everything cleaned out. I am going into it with low expectations!!!!!! We are going to donate anything that doesn't sell...I think I will take anything offered just so nothing comes back to the house!!! Love the cookie idea!!