Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Be Free!

So if you've ever driven by my house you know my sweet Dan means business with the yard. He was a farmer in another life I think - but he takes great care of the yard and trees. Our neighborhood has streets lined with blossoming pear trees and it's really so beautiful, especially in the spring. Our trees are the best. Brag, brag.

The problem is the trees were planted with support stakes almost three years ago now and some of those stakes have not been removed, so they are growing INTO the trees. Dan is very bothered by this and there have been discussions of sneaking out at night, wearing all black and him carrying cutters to set the trees free.

Instead we threw caution to the wind and did it in broad daylight. I hope no tree owners are mad at us. But the trees were sad and Dan convinced me it needed to be done. For the good of the trees and its longevity. For the beautification of the neighborhood. Be free little trees!


Marla said...

Who knew you married such a rebel??!!! So dangerous! So exciting!

kjtroxel said...

Oh yes! I love that it was so brazen! In daylight no less :)

Kitty said...

I love it. Thank goodness those pretty trees have your cute little family to set them free. You guys are the neighborhood "tree" do gooders. That is so wonderful that Dan is great about keeping your yard nice. I can't see you with a messy yard. Horray for Dan.

Olson's said...

Good news - I was worried about some of those trees myself! It's kind of sad to see that their trunks are scarred.

And by the way - I love our neighborhood trees too! There's nothing more beautiful than to see them all blossoming as you drive down the street!

Chris said...

I LOVE pear trees. They just keep such a beautiful shape, and I would love to have them line our neighborhood streets. That must be an awesome sight. I have one tree in my yard--a pear tree. :)