Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My New Find!

I could be a bit behind on this, after all, it takes a VERY brave woman to head into Victoria's Secret with a stroller, a 5 year old and a 3 year old running loose at the END of a shopping trip. But tradition holds high that if I drive 35 minutes to a Pediatrician appointment, you can bet I'm making sure I stop by the one mall in my state that I can handle 3 kids in.

Add to this my $10 gift certificate for my birthday came in the mail from VS burning a hole in my wallet. The silly 17 year old sales girl needed a refresher course on what you can sell and to whom. Like I was really wanting to try on a padded (um, hello, REALLY?) bra to one who obviously is not needing that NOR would ever be likely to be waltzing in to try on bras with 3 children in tow, boys especially. Maybe in dire times, but please just show me the makeup quick so I can cash this sucker in and get out of here before Greg starts putting bras on his head. Oops - too late, but they were undies anyhow and the boys thought that was SOO funny.

So my last lip gloss was the $17 Lancome one, which is nice, but come on. That's a lot of $$$ for gloss to wear to Target and soccer games. The VS Beauty Rush ones were on sale, 2 for $10 and I love them! The colors are so pretty and they don't feel sticky and gooey like some glosses do. I love it when I find something new I like. I felt this was all the more victorious of a find due to the fact that I had been shopping with my little troopers for two hours at this point. I call it prepping them to be good husbands and learn how to tolerate the mall. Without the undies on your head part!

PS...Graham turned to me in the Gap dressing room all sad - "Mom, I asked L (a girl at school) to marry me and she said no."
Me: "How did you ask her?"
G: "I said, Can you marry me? And she said she couldn't."
Me: "That's probably beacause she's only 5 and her parents won't let her sweetie. Ask her again in 20 years and I think she might change her answer."
G: "Ok."

This is a big deal - Graham doesn't share a lot of preschool things with me. I know of the crush these 2 kids have had on each other the past 4 months but I had no idea we had progressed to marriage. I was just tickled at my son making his first proposal. Hoping his first serious one will be answered by a very sweet girl who will be nice to me and will love and adore him, answering him with a big YES!


Heidi Totten said...

One time I was at VS with a friend. We were standing at the register because she was buying something and the cashier asked ME if I wanted to open a store card. I said, "But I'm not even buying anything!" She kept persisting. It was weird.

KEYSHA said...

I had to laugh at this one...I have taken Carsen with me into VS a time or two (quickly). I feel awkward having him ask me what everything is...(Obviously, my underwear is very simple)! He's always putting things on his head as well. (Boys)

Thanks for the tip on the lip gloss. I am a big Juicy Tubes fan..but I hear ya on the $17 (plus, I always lose them or have them taken from me at airports). I'll have to give these a try. I'm always in the market for a good gloss!

Allison said...

I love these lip glosses. I wear them every day. I loved your story telling. Your quite the writer yourself missy!

kjtroxel said...

Too funny!
Esp the panties on head incident...Whats with men/boys!

(Hey ...I ditto the last comment! You know you can get paid to blog? Google "blog jobs" You really are a great writer!

Kristen said...

Hmmmmm...get paid to type about nothing? Might be worth look into - although I don't think I would have much of an audience. I just think you are all being nice. LOL!

NatRat said...

I am going to have to give it a try...I am a sucker for lip glosses. You would think I would stop buying them, I have like 15 in my bathroom drawer.

I am glad Graham is going to hold off on the marriage thing for a while...cute guy!

Chris said...

Hi Kristen! Thanks for posting about the paint. You were very polite and very correct. I love that you visit! Talk soon! Chris

Lori said...

Your son's proposal story is just so sweet. :)