Thursday, January 31, 2008

Graham Scissorhands

I can't even be that mad since it's my own fault. I left the scissors out without even thinking. Or maybe I was thinking my 5 year old was past this. Nope. But the first thing Greg said was "Scissors are for paper ONLY mom."

Good thing I just got a coupon in the mail for Cookie Cutters. Looks like I'll be making an appointment for hair repair today.

And did I mention the writing on the stairway? Graham wrote "CTR" on the stairway wall. I asked him about it and he said that Greg did it. BRILLIANT!! My super smart almost 3 year old suddenly has the coordination to hold a pencil, write acronyms in a legible manner and write them a foot over his head. Clear the phone lines! The Ivy League schools should be phoning in their scholarship offers any minute now.

Graham quietly admitted to me what he had done. At least I know something from church is sinking into his head. Or he is so smart he knows that mom can't get too upset if "I write on the wall, especially if I write something like 'Choose the Right!"


KEYSHA said...

Oops.... Better move those scissors, because once LuLu comes they'll be even more hair to cut! (Judging from your gorgeous locks, she's likely to have some hair...which is very tempting for devious little boys!) I love how Graham blames it on Greg! (Carsen does the same thing with Myka! Yeah right!)

NatRat said...

I love the CTR does he know lying about writing on the wall means he is not "Choosing the Right?"