Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Night

Who watched it?  Anyone?  I thought Jeff Bridges was hysterical.  I know some people were making fun of him on Facebook but all I have to say is "Don't ruin his mellow, man."  A few drinks in the Kodak lobby for sure, right?  
Thrilled for Sandra Bullock - love her.  
Mostly because I want her hair. 

I'm at 71 followers!  That is crazy to me...I think it's so nice that all you sweethearts stop by to read now and then!  Thank you!!
I'm thinking of a fun giveaway to do when I hit 75.  Should be about next Christmas so I've got lots of time to plan it!  

These things are making me happy today:  
Does Dan know me or what?  Pink and bling!  It's slightly gaudy, I know.  The flip side is it makes me smile and it's super easy to find in the black hole of a purse I have. 
This girl was a dirty bird yesterday.  I feel like I miss all the photo ops with being a mom to three that she gets the shaft on pictures.  So we had a fun time taking tubby shots yesterday morning.
Splish splash.

Hard to believe this little sweetie just this morning smeared toothpaste all over the toy loft carpet and drew my black eyeliner all over her legs and my wall, right?  That was about 20 minutes before I discovered Greg has pink eye.  


kjtroxel said...

I actually laughed out loud when I saw that pic of your phone...LOVE it's bright color and bling!
I enjoys Jeff Bridges also. He was very mellow LOL!
And LULU can do no wrong in my eyes...I am smitten!

NatRat said...

Collin is a fan of the Oscars...I mean BIG fan. I am pretty happy Sandra won too, I love her, well love her acting and I think she is beautiful. :)

Amy said...

My hubby has that phone and I love it. I hope you enjoy it! Miss you. Amy

Chelle said...

Ooohhh...what phone is that?! I love it--and I love the case even more. I'm all for things that sparkle and are pink. *loves*

And how adorable is your photo shoot?
Eyeliner user and all--she's a cutie!

Stopping by from SITS--I really love your blog!


Southern Queen Bee said...

She is so cute. Looks like she had a great time in that tub. Mine always loves bathtime

My Attempt at Cooking said...

I love the Oscars but I fast forward through all the boring stuff. I loved Jeff Bridges too! He is hilarious and I don't think the drink is what he likes. He likes him some pot. That's right. He fully admits it too. He was probably high as a kite. But I like him anyway. And I love Sandra Bullock! She is so beautiful and I loved the blind side. And I love her hubby too. I was bummed that Avatar didn't win best pic. It so deserved it!