Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Theater at it's Finest!

Greg has been making a few puppets at preschool and decided today was the day for a big show. Creative mama that I am, I moved the baby gate, covered it up and Lauren and I waited for the big ta-do. You can see the color of the day was brown and Greg is Mr. Owl.
Graham had to stop several times to make sure the set was working.....(and I waited, and waited, Lauren crawled away bored...and I waited some more.)
Finally, Mr. Beaver made his appearance. Then after sitting and waiting for a good 10 minutes the cast members broke into an artistic dispute that ended with Mr. Owl being on strike and yelling "You are NOT my friend!" Poor Mr. Beaver. Perhaps tomorrows showing will go better. I hope they will still accept my ticket, it was a great seat!
"Picked" these up at the Dollar Tree (pun intended) for some minor Valentine fun. I don't decorate much for holidays like these but a little here and there is fun to do.
A few here...
A few there....so easy and for $3.00 we are feeling the love!
PS...For those who have asked, here is an update on Greggie - quite the shiner. He hasn't complained at all about it - he just gets shy when people gasp and stare. I've had SO many strangers ask what happened and he gets terribly embarrassed about it. I'm hoping it'll clear up in time for his birthday party and pictures on the 24th!


shayla said...

I quite agree...that is a fine home theatre...color and all. Cute kids don't hurt the whole feelin'..and man, good thing you have pics to prove how lovely your Greggie's shiner is! Poor guy! But he looks happy:)

Jo said...

What a production ~ hope tomrrow's showing goes a little more smoothly :)

Ouch ~ Poor little guy!

I don't really decorate for Valentine's either unless of course you count the heart shape boxes of chocolate I consume decorations :)You sure did a great job for only a few dollars.


KEYSHA said...

You are the world's best mom; you decorate for 'all' holidays and you sit through a puppet show! How fun! I bet your boys were loving that. (Kind of a fun idea; maybe I will have to steal that!)

Heidi said...

I loved puppet shows when I was little - we used to make masks out of paper grocery bags and where the whole bag over our heads - I have the pics to prove it - and your kids will love the proof one day too!

Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by!
The heart picks are cute! I like to do little things like that too, the boys always notice and I think they appreciate the special touches.
Their puppet show sounded like a great time and how creative! :)

kjtroxel said...

What a wonderful puppet show! Hope the "little puppets" get along better next time!
You are such a good mom to wait & watch for the big show!
Greg's eyes are looking good. I bet he'll be all clear by his birthday!

NatRat said...

O'man! His poor shiner, that is pretty bad.

Coop has been into making puppet shows lately too. I love watching what they come up with. Kids are so stinkin creative:)

Cyndi said...

Love the puppet theater and the little hearts look sweet.